Big Companies that Scaled Scrum with Nexus Framework

Security Software Product Company

  • A need for a better organizational structure
  • No prioritization of tasks that needed to be done
  • No cross functional teams
  • Teams saw the product owner as a single authority, not a part of the team
  • Teams were not coordinated
  • The presence of agile and non-agile teams were working at their own pace that hindered making an integrated product
  • Dependencies were not being properly visualized
  • Six teams worked on an integrated increment that rolled out releases after every two weeks
  • The sprints and increments became more coordinated
  • Dependencies were minimized.
  • Product owner had the opportunity of inspecting and adapting that insured to bring the highest value in the shortest amount of time.
  • Retrospectives helped identify what was wrong and frequent feedback was given.
  • This increased faster time to market, value and delivery

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner) Manufacturer

  • They failed to create a differentiation amongst their brands
  • The teams were not producing an integrated increment. Rather they were separately focused on to fulfilling their own requirements and tried to outdo one another, which led to creating internal conflicts and disagreements
  • There was a weak team and organizational structure.

Asian Airline

  • Difficulty in integrating the work of multiple teams into one
  • Multiple dependencies
  • Inability to scale the teams

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